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: この文書について... : Sendai03_participants : For pre-symposium participants

Other useful information

  1. The hotel Leopalace Sendai will accept major credit cards (Diners, VISA, Master, DC, JCB) but they will NOT accept American Express.

  2. At the hotel Leopalace Sendai, you need to pay in advance at the check-in counter. Those who join the the post-discussion at Sakunami hot springs, you need to pay your stay from your check-in date to 18th. On the 18th, you need to check-out even if you will come back to the hotel on the 19th. You need to check-in again on the 19th.

  3. Organizer keeps a room on the 18th at the hotel Leopalace Sendai, and you can leave your suitcase to minimize your baggage to Sakunami if it does not contain any valuable items. Further information will be announced at the symposium.

  4. In Japan, most of hotels, souvenir shops and expensive restaurants will accept major credit cards, but small restaurants for lunch and public transportation (city bus, subway etc.) do not accept credit cards (Japan Railway which operates super-express train from Tokyo to Sendai accepts major credit cards).

    It is strongly recommend to exchange some of your money to Japanese Yen in your home country or at the Narita airport. All banks close on Sundays, and ATM machines might not accept your credit/debit cards.

  5. SENDAI03 registration fee is 10,000 Yen. It is accepted only by cash.
  6. At the hotel Leopalace Sendai and the Sendai International Center, only public telephones are available (Room telephones at the hotel can receive incoming telephone calls, but cannot connect to the outside of the hotel).

    IC based telephone cards can be purchased at the kiosk of the Sendai International Center or at the check-in counter of the hotel Leopalace Sendai.

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: Sendai03_participants : For pre-symposium participants