The 2nd JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar

Strangeness Nuclear Physics by Electron Beams

Date: Dec 15, Tuesday – Dec 16, Wednesday

Place : Rome - Italy - istituto Superiore di Sanita' - Via Giano della Bella 34, Aula Zampieri


15th Dec (Tue)

9:00GreetingF. Garibaldi
9:10JSPS core-to-core programO. Hasshimoto
9:20Overview of Hall A experimentM. Iodice
10:00Overview of Hall C experiment
E05-115 Experimental conditions and status
J. Reinhold
T. Maruta
10:40Coffee Break
11:10(e,e'K+) hypernuclear spectroscopy in Hall A II
Analysis status and result
Optics/energy resolution optimization

G.M. Urciuoli
F. Cussano
12:30Lunch Break
14:30(e,e'K+) hypernuclear spectroscopy in Hall C II
Analysis status and results
Systematic error and cross section
E05-115 data status
L. Yuan
A. Matsumura
D. Kawama
15:50Coffee Break
16:20Hypernuclear spectroscopy by the hadronic beams and gamma-ray spectroscopyH. Tamura
17:00Discussion on the experimental issues of hypernuclear spectroscopyAll

16th Dec (Wed)

9:00Hypernuclear spectroscopy at FINUDAG. Bonomi
9:40Present status of strangeness physics at MAMI-CS.S. Majos
10:20Theoretical aspects of strangeness electro-photo productionP. Bydzovsky
10:40Structure of p-shell hypernucleiJ. Millener
11:00Coffee Break
11:20Light hypernuclei from cluster model approachE. Hiyama
11:40Electroproduction of Strangeness and Spectroscopy of HypernucleiM.Sotona
12:00Electroproduction of medium-heavy Lambda hypernuclei & the implicationsT.Motoba
12:20Mean field calculation of Lambda hypernucleiH.Lenske
12:40Lunch Break
14:30Future prospect and plan of hypernuclear physics with electron and hadron beams (Short presentation and discussion)
Decay pion spectroscopy
Future plan at JLab

L. Tang
S.N. Nakamura
16:00Coffee Break

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