The 4th JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar

Date: Feb 24, Thursday – Sep 6, Friday

Place : JLab

24th Feb (Thu)

Overview of the E05-115 analysis status
09:00HashimotoOpening and general remarks
09:30WoodProspect of hypernuclear spectroscpy program at JLab
10:00NakamuraE05-115 analysis overview
10:30GogamiAnalysis strategy of high multiplicity data
11:00DoiImprovement of tracking routines and elementary processes
11:30ChibaPID with Cherenkov counters
12:00BonoAerogel Performance and Pedestal Issues
Individual Progress of the E05-115 Analysis and Discussion
14:00KawamaSummary of Current Analysis Status of E05-115
14:30TangGeneral principle of Matrix tuning for the (e,e'K+) spectroscopy
15:00ChenSieve Slit tuning and analysis Status of E05-115
15:30ReinholdIssues on the analyser and tracking efficiency
16:00AllDiscussion on E05-115 Analysis Strategy, Assignment of task and thesis subjects

25th Feb (Fri)

Future Prospect of JLab hypernuclear program
(This morning ssession is dedicated to a Hall A and C joint meeting for JLab hypernuclear program)
9:00TangProspects of decay pion spectroscopy
9:30Francesco & GaribaldiUpdate on Hall A results. Limits and advantages of the Hall A setup
10:00Markowitz & LeroseWhich setup in Hall A for 12 GeV era for hypernuclear spectroscopy?
10:30NagaoSimulation study of decay pion spectroscopy
11:00Margarian(Hashimoto)Delayed pion spectroscopy
11:15NakamuraStatus of experiments at Mainz
11:45Discussion sessionDiscussion on JLab hypernuclear progra and collaboration matters
E01-011 Analysis, Publication Strategy and Discussion
14:00HashimotoGeneral remarks on E01-011 analysis
14:30TangCurrent status of E01-011 Analysis
-- following the E05-115 analysis discussion --
15:00NakamuraDiscussion to finialyze the E01-011 spectra
-- What's missing in the analysis for the publication of E01-011 results ? --
15:30Fujii3D field measurement of the HKS magnets
16:00DiscussionOn E01-011 Publication Strategy, Schedule and Work Assignment

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