The 5th JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar

Date: Set 27, Thursday

Place : Trento, Italy

This seminar is held as a joint meeting of "ECT* Workshop on Strange Hadronic Matter."

SchulzTOF Detector system of KAOS
TsukudaUpgrade plan of decay pion spectroscopy at MAMI-C
NagaoDesign comparison of decay pion spectroscopy at JLab and MAMI-C and analysis of the recent data
ObermannIn-medium YN-interactions
Sanchez-LorenteStatus of PANDA-HYP
GogamiTracking procedure for high multiplicity data of hypernuclear spectroscopy experiment at JLab Hall-C
KawamaAnalysis of the third generation Lambda hypernuclear spectroscopic experiment at JLab Hall-C
SatoSearch for H-dibaryon at J-PARC
HashimotoJSPS Core-to-Core program
AllDiscussion on next meeting 2012 (HYP in Barcelona) and 2013 (Trento, Prague again?)

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