The 6th JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar

Date: Dec 13, Tuesday – Dec 15, Thursday

Place : JLab, USA

This meeting is a joint meeting of JLab Hypernuclear Collaboration & HKS/HES Collaboration Meeting.


Hall A/C joint meeting on JLab Hypernuclear program
8:00FrancoOpening of the meeting
8:15Liguang/JohnJL Beamtime possibility and plans for 2012
8:50NueBrief summary on what we have discussed at the informal meeting during ECT*
13:00Work, Task assignment for LoI, Proposal


E01-011/E05-115 HKS-HES Collaboration Meeting
8:00ChunhuaCalibration (kinematics and optics) for E05-115 experiment
8:45Kawama (TV)Optics Tuning and latest MM spectra, Blind analysis
9:30YunchengHan Study the HKS field map for E01-011 (optical tune in forward direction)
10:00GogamiTracking for high multiplicity events (E05-115), E01-011 GEANT4 simulation
10:30SteveStatus and Future plans of Hall C
10:45Discussion Analysis strategy & publication plans
13:30Xiyu QiuAnalysis status on the fission experiment
14:00TsukadaMainz Program Current Status
14:30NagaoDecay Pion Spectroscopy

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