The 7th JSPS Core-to-Core Seminar

Date: May 9, Wednesday – 11, Saturday

Place : JLab, USA

This meeting is a joint meeting of JLab Hypernuclear Collaboration Meeting.

9/May : JSPS core-to-core seminar, Status of the hypernuclear study

Analsysis status, strategy of JLab E01-011 and E05-115 experiments and related activities at Mainz
09:00-09:15NakamuraOpening, JSPS-core-to-core seminar
09:15-10:00ChenAnalysis status of E05-115 data
10:00-10:45GogamiAnalysis status of heavy targets data of HKS-HES
10:45-11:30HanE01-011 data analysis status
Lunch Break
14:00-14:30GogamiTOSCA models for ENGE and other spectrometers
14:30-15:15AllDiscussion for analysis strategy
15:15-16:45NagaoStatus of decay pion experiment at MAMI-C
15:45-16:15TsukadaMainz (e,e'K) experiment status
16:15-16:45MarkowitzStudy of elementary process in Hall-A
16:45-17:15GogamiStudy of elementary process in Hall-C
17:00AllFree discussion

10 May : JSPS core-to-core seminar, Past and Future of JLab hypernuclear program (Joint-meeting HallA and C)

Morning Memorial session for Prof. Osamu Hashimoto
10:30-11:00NakamuraMemory of Professor Osamu Hashimoto
11:00-11:30TangWhat Osamu initiated at JLab
A ceremony of cherry tree plant at Hall-C (Master of Ceremony , L.Tang)
13:00-A few words to Osamu at the occasion of tree plant
H.Montgomery (JLab)
R.Ent (JLab)
L.Cardman (JLab)
J.Reinhold (FIU)
S.N.Nakamura (Tohoku U)
Following the above speakers, L.Cardman will explain tree planting schedule and background
Afternoon Future session for hypernuclear study with electron beam at JLab
14:00-14:30SamantaTheoretical discussion about strangeness electro-productionc
14:30-15:00GaribaldiStudy of strangeness electro-production and feasibility of hypernuclear spectroscopy with heavy targets
15:00-15:30NakamuraStudy of medium heavy hypernuclei
15:30-17:00AllDiscussion and strategy for writing the proposal

11 May : Spare and discussion day

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