International Symposium on

Neutron Star Matter (NSMAT2016)
Recent Progress in Observations, Experiments and Theories

November 21 (Mon) – 24 (Thu), 2016

Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

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Final Announcement and Last-minute information
for participants of SNP School 2016, NSMAT2016 and ANPhA2016

   Matter in neutron stars has attracted great interest from various fields in science. Our understanding of the nuclear matter in neutron stars and their inner structure has been developed through recent astronomical observations on neutron star mass and radius, various new experimental data for neutron-rich nuclei and hypernuclei obtained at RIKEN, J-PARC and other laboratories, thermodynamic properties of ultra-cold atoms, as well as theoretical studies to combine those results. The symposium is intended to exchange information on those recent results and to discuss future directions of the study on neutron star matter.
   The symposium is organized by the project team of the Grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas titled “Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars Investigated by Experiments and Astronomical Observations”.

We are happy to have more than 130 international and domestic pariticipants.


The symposium is hosted by

the Grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, “Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars Investigated by Experiments and Astronomical Observations”, MEXT, Japan, and

co-hosted by

Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University.


・Astronomical observations of neutron stars

・Theoretical studies on neutron stars

・Equation of state of nuclear matter

・Neutron-rich nuclei and neutron skins

・Strangeness in nuclei

・Nuclear force and baryon-baryon interactions

・Ultra-cold atoms and equation of state

・High density nuclear matter and quark matter


The main part of NSMAR2016 is held at the “Aoba Science Hall” in the Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, located at Aobayama in Sendai city, Japan. You can easily reach the venue by “Tozai”-line subway from Sendai JR station, where you can reach from Tokyo via “Tohoku Shinkansen” (~1.5 hours) or from Sendai Airport via the Sendai airport access train (~30 min). Please get off the Tozai-line subway at “Aobayama” station, the 5th stop from Sendai station to the west direction (for “Yagiyama”). After getting onto the ground, please find a round-shaped building (H-04, Science Complex C) nearby. The venue is at the entrance floor (2F) of this building.

Address: Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University 6-3 Aramaki-aza-Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8576, Japan

Scientific Sessions and Schedule

The scientific sessions and the reception (shown in red) will be held at the “Aoba Science Hall” of Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan from 9:00 am on Monday through early afternoon on Wednesday.

Program with titles of contributions can be downloaded here.

Presentation slides are avilable here.

Sakunami discussion session

In the evening on Wednesday, we will have a “discussion session” at Sakunami for those who wish to attend it (shown in orange). The participants in the discussion session will move by bus to the hot spring hotel, “Ichinobo” at Sakunami, located in the suburb of Sendai, and stay there for one night together. We will have plenty of time for discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. The participants will come back to Sendai after breakfast.


Invited speakers

T. Aumann (Darmstadt),  G. Colo (Milan),  C. Done (Durham),  D. Lonardoni (NSCL-MSU and LANL),  Bao-An Li (Texas A&M),  K. Nakazawa (Gifu),  Shina Tan (Georgia Tech.),  A. W. Thomas (Adelaide),  W. Trautmann (GSI),  Y. Yamamoto (RIKEN)      


Abstract submission

  Please send us a half or one page abstract (A4, 11pt) using the symposium template (available here)

by September 20th by sending to

The abstract will be reviewed by the organizers and the assignment of oral or poster presentations will be notified in two weeks.


Registration fee

7,000 yen. It covers the reception, coffee, and refreshment in the poster session. In addition, participants in the discussion session at Sakunami need to pay 16,000 yen per person (also for accompanying persons) for one-night lodging at the hot-spring hotel including a Japanese-style dinner and a breakfast. The registration fee and the Sakunami hotel fee need to be paid in cash (Japanese yen only) at the registration desk during the symposium.



 The registration can be done together for the four events, SNP School 2016, NSMAT2016, Sakunami discussion session, and ANPhA2016 at this link.

We request you to register them together at once, if you attend two or more of them. If necessary, however, you may make separate registrations.

The deadline for registration is

      ・October 15 if you participate in Sakunami discussion session -> Now closed.
      ・October 15 if you need a hotel reservation in Sendai by the organizer -> Now closed.
      ・November 5 for all the other participants 


Social Events

The reception will be held at the symposium venue in the evening on Monday. The participants in NSMAT2016 and their accompanying persons are welcome.

Sakunami discussion session serves also as an excursion and a banquet for NSMAT2016. The NSMAT2016 participants are recommended to join the Sakunami session.



Many hotels are available in the downtown and near the Sendai station and you may book your hotel room by yourself. However, particularly for foreign participants, the organizer booked some number of rooms at our recommended hotel, “Ark Hotel Sendai” (about 7,400 yen per night) and some others, which are reasonably priced and located near the downtown and close to a subway station. If you want to stay there, please tell us, in the registration form, the dates you will stay. (Please note that the number of our booked rooms is limited. Your room will be assigned on the first-come-first-served basis.)

All the participants in the Sakunami discussion session must stay at the “Ichinobo” hotel at night on Wednesday. The room reservation and payment can be made only by the organizer. The participants are requested to pay the free (16,000 yen per one person) at the registration desk.

 Hotel locations and direction to subway stations are here.
 Romm reservations can be checked here.(Requires ID and Pass word sent by email.)
 Room assignments for the Sakunami session can be found here.(Requires ID and Pass word sent by email.)


Those who need a visa to enter Japan need to contact the organizer as soon as possible, since the issuance of a visa may take a long time. Please check the following URL to see whether you need VISA to enter Japan:



Important dates

 ・Abstract submission deadline:  September 20

 ・Registration deadline with Sakunami session and/or hotel booking in Sendai: October 15

・Registration deadline without Sakunami and hotel booking: November 5


Pre/post symposia

The following pre and post symposia will be held at the same venue.

・November 18 (Fri) - 20 (Sun), 2016

 International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics (SNP School 2016)

hosted by Graduate School of Science and Laboratory of Electron-Photon Science (ELPH), Tohoku University, and Research center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University.


・November 24 (Thu) afternoon -25 (Fri) morning, 2016

 The 8th Asian Nuclear Physics Association Symposium (ANPhA2016)


hosted by Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA), and 
co-hosted by Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University



Prof. Hirokazu Tamura, Prof. Takeshi Koike

Dept. of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University,

Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-8578, JAPAN

Phone: +81-22-795-6454

Fax: +81-22-795-6455

E-mail:  NSMAT2016@lambda.phys.tohoku.ac.jp,


Organizing committee

T. Takahashi (KEK), H. Tamura*(Tohoku, chair), T. Murakami (Kyoto), T. Nakamura (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), M. Horikoshi (Tokyo), T. Takahashi (JAXA), A. Ohnishi (Kyoto), T. Koike (Tohoku), K. Miwa (Tohoku), S. N. Nakamura (Tohoku)