Neutron stars are extremely dense stellar objects whose core part is made only
of baryons (neutrons and other particles) without electrons. Our project aims at
revealing this unknown matter by combining experiments on the earth and
astronomical observations from the space through theoretical studies.
As illustrated in figure, we experimentally study strangeness nuclear physics at
J-PARC, neutron-rich nuclei at RIBF in RIKEN, ultra-cold atomic gas, and also
observe neutron stars using X-ray satellites such as ASTRO-H. Then we combine
those results through theoretical studies to uniquely determine the equation of
state (EOS) of nuclear matter. Then various types of matter in the neutron stars
and the structure of the neutron stars will be revealed.

Research outline (submitted to MEXT): Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars Investigated by Experiments and Astronomical Observations (by Hirokazu  Tamura)