Announcing "International Symposium on Neutron Star Matter" (NSMAT2016)

International Symposium o

Neutron Star Matter (NSMAT2016)
Recent Progress in Observations, Experiments and Theories

November 21 (Mon) – 24 (Thu), 2016

Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

   Matter in neutron stars has attracted great interest from various fields in science. Our understanding of the nuclear matter in neutron stars and their inner structure has been developed through recent astronomical observations on neutron star mass and radius, various new experimental data for neutron-rich nuclei and hypernuclei obtained at RIKEN, J-PARC and other laboratories, thermodynamic properties of ultra-cold atoms, as well as theoretical studies to combine those results. The symposium is intended to exchange information on those recent results and to discuss future directions of the study on neutron star matter.
   The symposium is organized by the project team of the Grant-In-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas titled “Nuclear Matter in Neutron Stars Investigated by Experiments and Astronomical Observations”.

The sympoisum website and registration page can be accessed from here.