International symposium on “Neutron star matter"

We will hold an international symposium on “Neutron star matter in view of nuclear experiments and astronomical observations”  on 25th October 2013 at YITP. This symposium will be held as part of the long-term workshop on supernovae and gamma-ray bursts,

where many researchers will attend. Taking this opportunity, we would like to discuss neutron star matter.

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The symposium will cover the following topics:

  •  EOS for high density region
  •  structure of neutron stars
  •  observations of neutron stars
  •  nuclear experiments for neutron star matter

The program consists of invited talks and a few oral presentations selected from contributions. If you are interested in giving an oral presentation, please submit an abstract when you make a registration. This symposium is hosted by YITP and grant-in-aid for scientific research on innovative areas, "Nuclear matter in neutron stars investigated by experiments and astronomical observations"


Please mark your calendar and circulate this symposium among your colleagues. We look forward to seeing you in YITP.

Registration Form:

  •  We have limited resources to support your travel expenses.
  •  The participants of the long-term workshop are coordinately invited to this symposium.

Registration deadline: 29th September 2013

Invited speakers:

  •  R. Rutledge (McGill University)
  •  J. Novak (CNRS)
  •  T. Nagae (Kyoto)

09:30-09:40(10) S. Nagataki : Opening
09:40-10:20(40) R. Rutledge : The Radius of Neutron Stars
10:20-10:50(30) T. Dotani : The ASTRO-H mission and prospects for constraining the mass-radius relation of a neutron star
10:50-11:10(20) T. Enoto : Observational indication with Suzaku on the toroidal magnetic field inside a magnetar

11:10-11:30 (20) coffee break

11:30-12:10(40) J. Novak : Numerical Models of Isolated Rotating Neutron Stars
12:10-12:40(30) K. Kiuchi : Equilibrium configuration and stability of magnetized neutron stars
12:40-13:10(30) H. Sotani : Neutron stars and symmetry energy

13:10-14:20(70) lunch

14:20-15:00(40) T. Nagae : Baryon-Baryon Interactions obtained from Hypernuclear Studies
15:00-15:30(30) T. Harada : Production and structure of hypernuclei
15:30-15:50(20) Y. Yamamoto : Multi-pomeron repulsion and the mass of hyperon-mixed neutron star
15:50-16:10(20) K. Masuda : Hadron-Quark Crossover and Neutron Star Observations

16:10-16:30(20) coffee break

16:30-17:00(30) T. Murakami : How to Probe Equation of State of Neutron-rich Nuclear Matter
17:00-17:30(30) H. Sagawa : EOS constraints from Nuclear Collective Motions
17:30-17:50(20) M. Tachibana : Dark matter capture in neutron stars
17:50-18:00(10) A. Ohnishi : Closing


 This season is busy in Kyoto. So, we strongly recommend to reserve your hotel as soon as possible.

Access to the symposium venue:


H. Sotani (YITP, chair), A. Ohnishi (YITP, secretary), S. Nagataki (RIKEN), Y. Suwa (YITP),  T. Murakami (Kyoto), Y. Togano (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Takahashi (KEK), K. Tsubakihara (Osaka Electro-Comm Univ.), T. Tamagawa (RIKEN), T. Harada (Osaka Electro-Comm Univ.)