International School on Neutron Star Matter

Date and place: March 4-7, 2014, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan.


A school on neutron star matter will be held in YITP, Kyoto, Japan, from March 4 to 7, 2014.

Four world-leading scientists give lectures on neutron star physics.

  • James M. Lattimer (Stony Brook/YITP)
    "Mass, Radius, and EOS of Neutron Stars" (tentative)
  • Frits Paerels (Columbia)
    "X-ray from Neutron Stars: Observation and Theory"
  • Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba)
    "Mean-Field Approximation and Effective Interactions for Atomic Nuclei"
  • Ken'ichi Imai (JAEA)
    "Strangeness in nuclear matter - What can we learn from experiments -"

This school covers theory, experiments and observations in nuclear physics, astronomy and astrophysics. We believe that it is a good opportunity for students to learn the subjects covered in the school.

We are also going to have short presentations by the participants. Please give us the title and abstract. (If you are a student and do not have completed works, please tell us what you are learning.)

Registration and Support (Registration page)

We can support a limited number of participants for their travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, a limited per diem).

If you are interested, please register from this page. Deadline for support request is January 30.

Time Table


time3/4 (Tue)3/5 (Wed)3/6 (Thu)3/7 (Fri)
10:30-12:00Lattimer 1Nakada 1Nakada 3Imai 1
13:00-14:30Lattimer 2Nakada 2Nakada 4Imai 2
15:00-16:30Paerels 1Paerels 3Nakada 5 
16:45-18:15Paerels 2Lattimer 3 Short presentation
by participants 
18:30- Party  

Prof. Nakada's lecture is held also as YITP intensive lectures.

Short presentation

      Doneva “Gravitational wave asteroseismology of rapidly rotating neutron stars”

      Yazadjiev “Neutron stars in modified gravity”

      Passamonti “The QPO spectrum in superfluid magnetars”

      Khangulyan “Probing pulsar winds with gamma-ray instruments”

      Hattori “Vacuum birefringence and real-photon decay in strong magnetic fields”

      Tokiyasu “Search for the K^-pp bound state in LEPS/LEPS2”

Host of the school

This school is co-hosted by

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area, "Nuclear matter in neutron stars investigated by experiments and astronomical observations"


Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku), Akira Ohnishi (YITP), Tetsuya Murakami (Kyoto), Hajime Sotani (YITP), Koji Miwa (Tohoku), Tadayuki Takahashi (JAXA), Toru Tamagawa (RIKEN)