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December 15 - 18 (Monday to Thursday), 2008

Pre-symposium on December 14 (Sunday), 2008

Tohoku University Centennial Hall (Kawauchi Hagi Hall), Sendai, Japan


This is the FINAL announcement of the international symposium on "Strangeness in Nuclear and Hadronic Systems" (SENDAI08) hosted by the Department of Physics, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

SENDAI08 is the third meeting in a series of symposia on nuclear physics involving strangeness following SENDAI98 and SENDAI03.

Anticipating completion of new facilities such as J-PARC, the symposium is organized to discuss recent remarkable progresses of the research on nuclear and hadronic systems with strangeness both in experiments and theories.

SENDAI08 is planned to provide an opportunity for intensive discussions in an informal atmosphere. Both experimentalists and theorists in the field are encouraged to participate in the symposium to exchange information on recent activities and to discuss future prospects of the related fields.

1. Symposium topics

  • Electromagnetic Production of Strangeness
  • Structure and Decay of Hypernuclei
  • Hyperon-Nucleon and Hyperon-Hyperon Interactions
  • Hadronic Systems with Strangeness
  • Strange Mesons in Nuclei
  • Exotic Hadrons
  • Present and Future Facilities


Invited speakers (including pre-symposium)
P. Achenbach (U. Mainz) H.C. Bhang (Souel Nat. U.)
L. Bimbot (IPN Orsay) V. Burkert (JLab)
P. Bydzovsky (NPI Prague) A. Gal (Hebrew Univ.)
F. Garibaldi (INFN Roma) B.F. Gibson (Los Alamos)
R.S. Hayano (U. Tokyo) E. Hiyama (RIKEN)
K. Imai (Kyoto U.) V. Lucherini (INFN Frascati)
P.E.C. Markowitz (Florida Int. U.) T. Mart (U. Indonesia)
J. Meng (Peking U.) T. Motoba (Osaka Elect. Comm. U.)
M. Oka (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) J. Reinhold (Florida Int. U.)
T.A. Rijken (Nijmegen U.) T.R. Saito (GSI)
H. Schmieden (U. Bonn) H.-J. Schulze (INFN Catania)
L. Tang (Hampton U.) A.W. Thomas (JLab)
H. Toki (RCNP, Osaka U.) T. Yamazaki (RIKEN)


2. Symposium schedule

The main session of the symposium will start at 9:00 am of December 15th, Monday, 2008 and continue through December 17th, Wednesday. In the evening of 17th and the morning of 18th, the discussion session takes place in a rural hot-spring area near Sendai. An excursion is also scheduled on December 18th. In addition, a pre-symposium will be held on December 14th.

The schedule of the symposium including pre-symposium is as follows.





Dec. 14 (Sun)



Pre-registration with refreshments

Dec. 15 (Mon)

Session 1,2

Session 3,4


Dec. 16 (Tue)

Session 5,6

Session 7,8

Poster session

Dec. 17 (Wed)

Session 9,10

Session 11,12





Discussion at hot-spring

Dec. 18 (Thu)





The scientific program of the SENDAI08 and pre-symposium is given as:

Next to the symposium room, a space for poster presentation and discussion with coffee will be prepared as the ``symposium meeting room''. Please contact in advance with organizers if you want to present posters.


3. Post-symposium Discussion in the evening of December 17

A post-symposium discussion is arranged in the evening of December 17. After the last session at the Kawauchi Hagi Hall, we will move to Sakunami hot-springs located in the suburbs of Sendai, where we can get in 30 minutes by car; we will stay the night at a hotel in Sakunami. A bus will pick up those who join the post-symposium discussion at the Kawauchi Hagi Hall after the session 12 of SENDAI08 is closed.

Those who join the excursion on the 18th, Thursday, will enjoy a trip to Hiraizumi and will be dropped at the hotel in Sendai in the evening, unless otherwise requested. For those who plan to leave Sendai in the morning of December 18 by the 8:25 am flight (ANA3232) to Narita at the Sendai airport, we will arrange transportation from the hotel at Sakunami to the Sendai airport. For people who go to the Sendai station, the transportation to the Sakunami station from the hotel will be arranged. The Sendai station can be reached by a commuter train form the Sakunami station.


4. Information and Climate of Sendai

The city of Sendai with a population of one million is the center of the northern part of Japan, Tohoku District. It is located about 350 km north of Tokyo and can be reached in 2 hours with a super-express train (Tohoku Shinkansen). The city features an abundance of natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Sendai is nicknamed ``Mori no miyako'' (literally city of green), which illustrates this perfectly. The city has a rich cultural heritage stretching back 400 years to its founding by feudal lord Date Masamune. The city is surrounded by mountains and Pacific ocean, making its weather reasonably mild.

Average temperature at Sendai in December is 4 oC (39 F), daily minimum temperature is about freezing point. Though heavy snow is rare in Sendai, it is necessary to prepare for snow in December. We recommend you to bring warm clothing with coat.

Further information on the city is found in the following WEB pages.


5. Access information to Sendai

The most convenient way to come to Sendai from abroad is to fly to Narita International Airport (NRT). From Narita, there are two ways to come to Sendai, by train and by air, which are described below.

  • By train

Take a train (Narita Express) to Tokyo station and then transfer to a super-express (Tohoku Shinkansen) to Sendai. The train station at Narita airport is located underground of the terminal #1 and terminal #2. Through tickets to Sendai together with a super-express ticket for reserved seat are available at ticket counters on the underground floor. It takes about 1 hour from Narita to Tokyo by Narita Express and about 2 hours from Tokyo to Sendai by Shinkansen.

  • By air

An alternative way is to fly to Sendai international airport from Narita. There are two flights from Narita to Sendai and Sendai to Narita everyday as follows.

Flight #



From Narita to Sendai







From Sendai to Narita







Those who purchased a ticket from the "Star Alliance" air carrier may have advantage to arrange in advance a connecting flight from Narita to Sendai (1 hour). There are some international flights coming to Sendai and also many flights between major cities in Japan. It takes about 25-40 minuets from Sendai airport to downtown Sendai by a train or limousine bus. For the transportation from Sendai airport to Sendai station, there are two choices:

Airport access train

25 minutes

630 yen

Limousine bus

40 minutes

700 yen

Access information on how to get to Sendai from the airport is found in the following WEB page.

The hotels arranged by the organizers (Ark Hotel and Sendai Excel Hotel) are located at 1.3-1.5 km from both the Sendai station and the symposium site. From the Sendai station to the hotels, it is recommended to take a taxi (about 600 yen ($6)). Public buses are also available (take a bus from the bus stop Nos.9 or 15 at the bus pool in front of the west exit of the Sendai station and get off at the 2nd bus stop, Bansui-Sodo (bansuisodo).

  • Returning home from Narita air port

If you plan to go to Narita airport by train to catch a morning departure flight at the Narita airport, it could be a slightly tight schedule because it takes three hours or more from the Sendai station to the Narita airport. Please contact the organizer to ask whether it is better to stay in Narita in the night before the departure.


6. Symposium site

The symposium will take place at the Tohoku University Centennial Hall (Kawauchi Hagi Hall), on the Kawauchi campus of Tohoku University. It is located walking distance from downtown. Public buses to the Kawauchi campus are available from No. 9 bus stop of the Sendai station bus pool at the west exit. Wireless Internet access is available at the Kawauchi Hagi Hall if you bring your PC. Detailed information about Internet connection will be given at the symposium.

7. Lodging

We have reserved rooms in the Ark Hotel Sendai and Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu for those requested in the registration form. Please adjust balance when you check-in the hotel (5,500 Yen per night per person for the Ark hotel. 8,900 (Saturday 9,900) Yen per night per person for the Excel hotel). Major credit cards will be accepted at the Ark and Excel hotels. Both of hotels are Internet-ready and you can access to Internet with your PC.

Please check your hotel booking status at:

The hotels are located close to downtown Sendai. The symposium site, Kawauchi Hagi Hall (Aobayama campus, Tohoku Univ.), can be reached within 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

The hotel at Sakunami hot-springs for the post-symposium discussion will be arranged by organizers. It costs 15,000 yen per night including Japanese style dinner.

You may find your hotel browsing the WEB page below, too.

Ark Hotel Sendai, 2-2-10 O-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Tel 022-222-2111

Sendai Excel Hotel Tokyu, 2-9-25, Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Tel 022-262-2411

Ichinobo at Sakunami hot-springs, Sakunami-onsen, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Tel 022-395-2131

8. Registration

The registration fee of SENDAI08 is 15,000 Yen and it covers symposium proceedings and refreshments during the conference. We invite SENDAI08 participants and spouse to the symposium banquet in the evening of 15th.

The registration desk will open from 8:30 am at the symposium site and also during the pre-registration with refreshments at the Ark hotel. The registration fee could be paid at the registration desk by CASH (Japanese Yen). At the registration desk, those who join the post-symposium session are request to pay 15,000 Yen for accommodation and dinner at hot-spring.


9. Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published. Pre-symposium talks and poster previews will be also included in the proceedings. A camera-ready manuscript should be submitted to the organizer ( no later than March 31, 2009 with a set of LATEX file, figure files as well as the postscript files processed by LATEX. Detailed information is given here.

10. Social events

  • Pre-registration with refreshments in the evening of December 14, Sunday
    Pre-registration with refreshments will take place in the evening of December 14, Sunday in the reception room of the Ark hotel. Drinks and snacks will be served. The registration desk is open from 19:00 to 21:00.


  • Symposium banquet
    We invite SENDAI08 participants and spouse to the symposium banquet to be held in the evening of the 15th at the Ark hotel in casual buffet style. No formal dress is necessary.


  • Excursion
    On the 18th, excursion near Sendai area is scheduled for participants of the post-symposium discussion at Sakunami hot springs. Detailed information will be given at the symposium.

11. Correspondence

Those who are interested in this symposium and/or like to have additional information are requested to contact Prof. Nakamura or browse the SENDAI08 WEB site at the addresses below.

Prof. S.N. Nakamura

Department of Physics

Tohoku University

Sendai, 980-8578, Japan







WEB site

12. Important dates


December 14, 2008

Symposium Reception

December 14, 2008

SENDAI08 at Kawauchi Hagi Hall

December 15-17, 2008

Post-symposium discussion session & Excursion

December 17-18, 2008


December 18, 2008

Deadline of the proceedings manuscript submission

March 31, 2009


13. Organization

International advisory committee

H.C. Bhang

(Seoul National Univ.)

T. Bressani

(Torino Univ.)

L. Cardman


A. Gal

(Hebrew Univ.)

B.F. Gibson

(Los Alamos)

Ed.V. Hungerford

(Houston Univ.)

K. Imai

(Kyoto Univ.)

T. Kishimoto

(Osaka Univ.)

H. Lenske

(Giessen Univ.)

T. Motoba

(Osaka E.C. Univ.)

T. Nagae

(Kyoto Univ.)

M. Oka


E. Oset

(Valencia Univ.)

B. Saghai


C. Schaerf

(Rome Tor Vergata Univ.)

B. Schoch

(Bonn Univ.)

A.W. Thomas


H. Toki

(RCNP, Osaka Univ.)


Local organizing committee

Y. Fujii

(Tohoku Univ.)

K. Hagino

(Tohoku Univ.)

O. Hashimoto

(Tohoku Univ., Chair)

T. Ishikawa

(LNS, Tohoku Univ.)

H. Kanda

(Tohoku Univ.)

M. Kaneta

(Tohoku Univ.)

K. Maeda

(Tohoku Univ., Scientific Secretary)

K. Miwa

(Tohoku Univ.)

S.N. Nakamura

(Tohoku Univ., Scientific Secretary)

H. Shimizu

(LNS, Tohoku Univ.)

H. Tamura

(Tohoku Univ., Co-Chair)

H. Yamazaki

(LNS, Tohoku Univ.)


Satoshi N Nakamura 2008-11-20