We plan to have a trip to Hiraizumi (about 2 hours drive from Sendai) as a symposium excursion. Hiraizumi was a political and

cultural center of northern Japan in 11th and 12th centuries. The district was ruled by Oshu-Fujiwara family and

almost independent country from the central government in Kyoto at that time.

Chuson-ji temple and Motsu-ji temple are quite important historical and cultural buildings. Especially Konjiki-do (National

Treasure, it means golden hall of temple) which is lavishly decorated with gold, silver, pearls, and jewels, is totally unique.

Mummies of four Fujiwara lords are laid to rest in the Konjiki-do.

The city is applying for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and under the process of inspection.


See following page for detail of Hiraizumi.