Poster Session Preview Session  14th Dec.(Sun) 17:05-19:00
Poster Session 16th Dec.(Tue) 17:30-19:00
Those who want to give presentation at the poster preview session, please send ppt or pdf file of your presentation to the organizer. 
The contribution of the preview session will be included in the proceeding.
  Name Institute Abstract Preview Presentation Title
1 Masaaki Endo Osaka U. Yes Yes Development of GEM chamber using at E10 experiment
2 Kenji Fukukawa Kyoto U. No Gaussian Nonlocal Potential for the Quark-Model Baryon-Baryon Interactions
3 Kenta Futatsukawa Tohoku U.     Neutral kaon photoproduction at LNS, Tohoku (tentative)
4 Philipp Gubler Tokyo Inst. Tech. Yes   Spin-3/2 pentaquark in QCD sum rules
5 Ryo Hashimoto LNS, Tohoku U. Yes   Construction of a Cryogenic H2/D2 target fitted to 4π EM Calorimeter FOREST
6 Toshihiko Hiraiwa Kyoto U. Yes   A Search for Deeply Bound Kaonic Nuclear States 
7 Daisuke Kawama Tohoku U. Yes   Experimental design and simulation for the 3rd generation (e,e’K) hypernuclear spectroscopy at JLab 
8 Manuel Lorenz Goethe U. Yes Yes Strangeness Balance in Ar+KCl reactions at 1.76 AGeV
9 Tomofumi Maruta Tohoku U. Yes   Preparation status of the next generation hypernuclear spectroscopic study via (e, e’K+) reaction at JLab Hall-C
10 Kenshou Matsuda Osaka U.   Yes Study of range counter with wave-length shifting fibers
11 Akihiko Matsumura Tohoku U. Yes Yes High Statistics Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at JLab Hall C (E01-011 experiment)
12 Yoshiyuki Miyachi Tokyo Inst. Tech. Yes No Polarization of Lambda produced in polarized deep inelastic electron-nucleon scattering at HERMES
13 Y. Nakagawa Tohoku U. Yes   Mesonic decay of neutron-rich Lambda hypernuclei with Skyrme-Hartree-Fock method
14 Seung-il Nam  Yukawa Inst. Kyoto U. Yes   Scalar susceptibility of QCD vacuum
15 Atsushi Okamura Kyoto U. Yes   Xi-Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at J-PARC  
16 Takahiro Sawada RCNP, Osaka U. Yes   Backward f  photo-production from CH2, C and nuclei at LEPS
17 Kotaro Shirotori Tohoku U. Yes   The g-ray spectroscopy of light hypernuclei at J-PARC (E13)
18 Koutaku Suzuki LNS, Tohoku U. Yes   Development of 4π electro-magnetic calorimeter complex FOREST for neutral meson photoproduction experiments
19 Tomonori Takahashi U. Tokyo     Search for Theta+ pentaquark in the p(pi-,K-)X reaction at J-PARC
20 Toshinao Tsunemi Kyoto U. Yes   Systematic Study of Double Strangeness System   J-PARC E07
21 Atsushi Umeya Osaka E-C. U. Yes   Sigma-admixture in the neutron-rich 10LLi hypernucleus by shell-model calculation
22 Myaing Thi Win Tohoku U. Yes   Deformation of Lambda Hypernuclei
23 Takeshi Yamamoto Tohoku U. Yes   Development of a Ge detector system for the hypernuclear gamma-ray spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC 
24 Lulin Yuan Hampton U. Yes   High precision spectrometer system calibration for the Jefferson Lab HKS experiment