Proceedings for SENDAI08

As we have announced it during the symposium, the conference proceedings will be published.  The proceedings will include poster review presentations as well as the oral presentations in pre-symposium and main symposium. They will appear in a refereed journal, the Special Issue of the International Journal of Modern Physics E.


(1) The maximum number of pages

45 minuits talk: 10 pages  

30 minuits talk: 8 pages 

20 minuits talk: 6 pages 

Poster: 2 pages 


(2) Sample files

Please use the sample files included in the ZIP file.


(3) How to submit

Please submit a camera-ready manuscript to the organizer,


with a subject of "SENDAI08-proc-[your name]", no later than March 31, 2009. It should include a set of LaTeX source file, figure files as well as the PDF file. As the all pages printed in black and white, please prepare figures in grayscale.  


The LaTeX style file for the World Scientific can be obtained from the following Web page,


Choose: General.

Then choose: Trim size 9.00" x 6.00".