A group photo taken in front of the SEP-HES-HKS spectrometer system in June 2009.


JLab E05-115 experiment was performed to investigate Λ hypernuclei up to medium heavy mass region at Jefferson Lab Hall C in 2009. High resolution magnetic spectrometers, HKS and HES allowed us to achieve a sub-MeV energy resolution in FWHM. Furthermore, accuracy on the binding energy was improved compared to previous reaction spectroscopy with hadron beams owing to its calibration method using p(e,e'K+)Λ/Σ0.

The results of 7ΛHe, 9ΛBe, and 12ΛB have been published, and an alaysis for the medium-heavy hypernucleus 52ΛV is in progress.

Proposal (Status: Approved)

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The experiment has been done.


T. Gogami, C. Chen, D. Kawama et al. (HKS (JLab E05-115) Collaboration), "Spectroscopy of the neutron-rich hypernucleus 7ΛHe from electron scattering", Physical Review C 94, 021302(R) (2016).

T. Gogami, C. Chen, D. Kawama et al. (HKS (JLab E05-115) Collaboration), "High Resolution Spectroscopic Study of 10ΛBe", Physical Review C 93, 034314 (2016).

L. Tang, C. Chen, T. Gogami, D. Kawama, Y. Han et al. (HKS (JLab E01-011 and E05-115) Collaborations), "Experiments with the High Resolution Kaon Spectrometer at JLab Hall C and the new spectroscopy of 12ΛB hypernuclei", Physical Review C 90, 034320 (2014).

T.Gogami et al., "Bucking coil implementation on PMT for active canceling of magnetic field", Nuclear instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 729, 816-824 (2013).

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