Detectors for performance tests


Several detectors have been built for checking the performance and optimizing the best operating conditions.


( 1 ) FDC2P (FDC2 Prototype)

    FDC2 is too big to change operating conditions in for finding  the best conditions.  Hexagonal drift chamber has been build having the same cell & layer structure.


        Tested using cosmic rays in 2010.

        Tested using ~250 MeV/A secondary beams at HIMAC


( 2 ) PDCP (PDC Prototype)

    Drift chamber with cathode readout has been built for testing the cathode readout scheme & position resolution.  Starting from the existing MWPC with cathode readout, anode structure was modified into the Walenta-type drift chamber.



wire angle

X(0°), Y(90°), U(45°)

Effective area

600mm x 460mm

Anode  & potential wires

20μmφ Au-W/Re, 80μmφ Au-Al, drift distance=7.5mm

Half gap (anode-cathode)

8 mm

cathode wire

wire pitch= 2.5mm, strip pitch= 12.5 mm


Anode(+), potential(-)

Operating gas



        Being tested  with 2 reference cathode chambers using cosmic rays



Updated 3-Sep-2011