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Gamma spectroscopy of 11-Lambda-B


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The main purpose of the E518 experiment is to measure the transition probability, B(M1), of the Lambda spin-flip M1 transition 11-Lambda-B(3/2+ -> 1/2+). From the B(M1) value, we can extract the magnetic moment of \Lambda in a nucleus for the first time.

Bound states of 11-Lambda-B are produced by the (pi+,K+) reaction at 1.04 GeV/c with the K6 beam line and SKS, and gamma rays are detected using Hyperball. We aim at measurement of the B(M1) value for 11-Lambda-B in accuracy less than 14%, which corresponds to an accuracy less than 7% for the effective g-factor of Lambda in a nucleus.

In addition, we can also observe eight or nine transitions in 11-Lambda-B and determine the level scheme. The level energies provide us with quantitative information on the Lambda-N interaction, particularly, the strength of the spin-spin force (Delta) and that of the nucleon-spin-dependent spin-orbit force (S_N). The values of Delta and S_N are compared with those obtained from the 7-Lambda-Li structure in the previous Hyperball experiment (E419), and their consistency confirms validity of the theoretical framework.

The experiment was performed in September-October, 2002, for the approved beam time of 80 shifts. Data analysis is in progress. We have observed several gamma rays from 11-Lambda-B for the first time.

E518 Proposal

KEK-PS Proposal (E518) (gzipped ps, 0.8 MB)
"Gamma Spectroscopy of 11-Lambda-B "
--- submitted on 2002-June-18, approved on 2002-July-18

Letter of Intent to KEK PS PAC (gzipped ps (0.8 MB))
--- submitted on March 18, 2002.

Setup (K6+SKS+Hyperball)

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Hirokazu Tamura
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