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Hypernuclear gamma spectroscopy on 12C Target


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The KEK E566 is an experiment for high-precision $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy of 12-Lambda-C and 11-Lambda-B by the (pi+,K+) reaction on 12C target. It is carried out at the K6 beam line employing Superconducting Kaon Spectrometer (SKS) and a Ge detector array ``Hyperball-2'', an upgraded version of Hyperball with a doubled efficiency.
One of the purposes of the experiment is to produce 11-Lambda-B(7/2+) from proton emission of the p_Lambda states of 12-Lambda-C(2+) and to measure the Lambda-spin-flip transition probability B(M1) of 11-Lambda-B (7/2+ -> 5/2+) with the Doppler shift attenuation method. The effective g-factor of a Lambda in a nucleus is derived from the measured B(M1) value. It allows us to investigate a possible modification of the magnetic moment of a Lambda in a nucleus for the first time.
The other purpose is to investigate the Sigma N - Lambda N coupling force in the Lambda N interaction from the 12-Lambda-C level energies and to solve the ``puzzle'' of the Lambda N spin-dependent interaction strengths which has emerged from a recent Hyperball data on 10-Lambda-B. In particular, the 12-Lambda-C ground-state doublet (1-,2-) spacing, which will be measured from the 1_2^- -> 1_1^- and 1_2^- -> 2_1^- transitions around 2.6 MeV, provides invaluable information on the Sigma Lambda coupling force and the consistency of the spin-dependent interaction strengths determined from previous Hyperball data.
The experiment will be performed in September-October, 2005, for the approved beam time of 80 shifts.

E566 Proposal

·  KEK-PS Proposal (E566) (0.6 MB)
"Hypernuclear gamma Spectroscopy on 12C target "

KEK-PS PAC presentation file (E566) (0.7 MB)
--- submitted on August 11, 2004; approved on December 21, 2004.

·  Letter of Intent to KEK PS PAC (in Japanese) (pdf, 1.1 MB)
"Gamma Spectroscopy of 12-Lambda-C and 4-Lambda-He "

--- submitted on April 13, 2004.

Setup (K6+SKS+Hyperball2)

·  K6+SKS+Hyperball Setup

·  Hyperball2(schematic) , Hyperball2 installed at K6 for E566 (photo) , Hyperball2 at Tohoku CYRIC (photo)

Information for E566 Members

·  Beam schedule

·  Drawings

      Design ( detector position,  Hyperball2 position  Ge/BGO dimensions  )

      Hyperball2 frame

Hyperball2 base for KEK

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·  Hyperball2 Ge detector list (at CYRIC)

·  Reports and meeting minutes

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·  Commissioning Schedule

·  Members' plan to stay at KEK

·  Shift table (Experiment)

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·  Hyperball2 and others

·  KEK open house on Sept.4, 2005


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Strangness Nuclear Physics group in Tohoku Univ.


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