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TAMURA, Hirokazu

Research Subjects: Hypernuclear Physics

High-Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy of Hypernuclei (HYPERBALL project)

  • Construction of HYPERBALL: Completed in March, 1998
  • KEK-PS E419 (7-Lambda-Li) : Completed. Published.
  • BNL-AGS E930 (9-Lambda-Be): Analysis finished. Published soon.
  • BNL-AGS E930 (16-Lambda-O/15-Lambda-N, 10-Lambda-B): Beam time in 2001 finished. Under analysis.
  • KEK-PS E509 (hyperfragments from stopped K-): Under analysis.
  • KEK-PS E518 (11-Lambda-B): Under alanysis.
  • Construction of HYPERBALL2: To be completed in 2004.
  • Hypernuclear Physics with Toroidal Spectrometer

  • KEK-PS E218, E287, E326: Production mechanism of hyperfragments from stopped K- absorption and gamma-ray spectroscopy
  • Hypernuclear Physics with SKS

  • KEK-PS E336, E369: Spectroscopy of light and medium heavy Lambda hypernuclei
  • KEK-PS E438: Study of Sigma-nuclear potential
  • Gamma Spectroscopy in Tohoku Cyclotron (CYRIC)

  • Construction of CYRIC Ge detector system (in Japanese)