SNP School 2021

SNP School 2021

Second Circular
International School for Strangeness Nuclear Physics (SNP School 2021)
December 13th, Monday to 16th, Thursday, 2021 at RCNP, Osaka JAPAN


Participants in Japan can attend in-person at RCNP up to 40 people. Other participants are expected to attend on-line (zoom).


Opens now. How to register

  1. Please go to SNP School 2021 indico page
    • If it is the first time for you to access the RNCP indico wep page, you may see a web page shown bellow
      That is the autentication page to avoid the robot.

    • After authentification is finished, you will see the SNP School 2021 indico web page.
  2. Follow the instruction shown in the section of "Registration: How to register."
  3. Input your personal data.
  4. (Only domestic participants) If you need financial support and/or accommodation, input necessary information.
  5. If you wish to apply for Young Researchers' Session (YRS), submit abstract from "Call for Abstract" in the menu bar.

Lectures (tentative title)

  • Tetsuya Murakami (RIKEN): Exploring Neutron Stars through Nuclear Physics
  • Eulogio Oset (Valencia Univ, Spain): Dynamically generated hadron resonances
  • Stephen Olsen (IBS, Korea): XYZ exotic hadrons
  • Yuichiro Sekiguchi (Toho Univ, Japan): Neutron stars, black holes and gravitational waves
  • Kazuhiko Ninomiya (Osaka Univ, Japan): Non-destructive elemental analysis method using negative muon beam
  • Kazuma Nakazawa (Gifu Univ, Japan): Search for double strangeness nuclei

Young Researchers' Session (YRS)

We organize the Young Researchers' Session (YRS) for those who think themselves as young, such as students, postdocs and so on. Speakers will give a short (several minutes) presentation. Hashimoto prize and SNP School Incentive prizes will be awarded to good presenters. ANPhA awards with prize money will be selected from them. Those who wish to participate the YRS and/or to request financial support should submit one-page abstract from "Call for Abstract."

Facility tour

We arrange a tour at RCNP cyclotron experimental facility. Remote participants can enjoy virtual tour.

Financial support

We have limited amount of budget to support domestic travel and local expenses if you need it.


If you need we will arrange a room at the RCNP guest house from the night of Dec. 12 (Sun) to the morning of Dec. 16 (Thu). You can apply the dates from the registration page.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Abstract submission for YRS: Nov. 7
  • Registration for those who plan to attend in person: Nov. 7
  • Registration for on-line participants: Nov. 30
  • Final circular: Early in December

Zoom link

It will be sent to all participants by e-mail. So, do not forget to check your e-mail.


Co-Chairs: A.Hosaka (RCNP), S.N.Nakamura (Tohoku), T.Takahashi (KEK)

Organizers: A.Dote (KEK), E.Hiyama (Tohoku/RIKEN), T.Hyodo (TMU), H.Nagahiro (Nara-WU/RCNP),
T.Nakano (RCNP), H.Noumi (RCNP/KEK), M.Oka (JAEA), H.Onishi (ELPH), K.Ozawa (KEK),
T.Suda (ELPH), H.Tamura (Tohoku/JAEA), K.H.Tanaka (KEK), Y.Tanimura (Tohoku), M.Yosoi (RCNP)

Supported by

RCNP (Osaka University), ELPH (Tohoku University), J-PARC, IINAS (KEK), GPPU (Tohoku University),
ASRC/JAEA, Nishina Center (RIKEN), ANPhA (The Asian Nuclear Physics Association),

And research grants from MEXT (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas):

  • Clustering as a window on the hierarchical structure of quantum systems
  • Toward new frontiers: Encounter and synergy of state-of-the-art astronomical tectors and exotic quantum beams