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Kimiko Sekiguchi


Major :

Nuclear Physics (Experiment)

Affiliation :

Department of Physics,

Tohoku University

Status : 

Associate Professor

Email :

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Address : 

Aoba 6-3, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8578,  JAPAN

About OUR LAB.

Nuclear Physics Lab.

Exotic Nuclear Physics Group

Group Member


RIKEN Satosho seminar

(August, 2008)


  1. Interview by RIKEN Press Room

People (School of Science, Tohoku University)



20th IUPAP International Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics (FB20), in Fukuoka, August 2012

International Mini-Workshop

“New Aspects of Few Nucleon Interactions”, in Sakunami,

July 21-22, 2012

ECT* workshop

”Three Nucleon Forces in Vacuum and in the medium”

International Symposium on New Facet of Three Nucleon Force -50 years of Fujita-Miyazawa Three Nucleon Force (FM50)


Japan Physical Society

American Physical Society

Young Academy of Japan


Kimiko Sekiguchi is an experimentalist of nuclear physics. My research interest is to understand the forces acting in nuclei. Particularly I am interested in clarifying the roles of three-nucleon forces (3NFs) in nuclei.

Mainly I perform experiments with my colleagues using light ions, e.g. polarized deuterons and/or protons, at RIKEN, CYRIC and also at RCNP, Osaka University.

Recent Information

  1. 1. My message was posted at the site of “People”

    of School of Science, Tohoku University (April, 2019).

  1. 2. Experiment of a polarized proton beam on our polarized 3He target

    was performed at RCNP in Osaka, November, 2018 (Spokesperson :

    Kimiko Sekiguchi) .

  1. 3. Our first AH-SEOP pol.3He target, Ishibashi, was made, January 2018.

  2. 4. Experiment with polarized 3He target was performed at CYRIC,

    Tohoku University, December 2016. We used a new polarized 3He 

    target “Koganei”.

   (Spokesperson : Atomu Watanabe, Kimiko Sekiguchi)

  1. 5. The second experiment on proton-neutron correlation in nucleus was

    performed at CYRIC, Tohoku University, December 2016.

   (Spokesperson :   Kenjiro Miki)

  1. 6. We performed a test measurement of the beam-line polarimeter with

    polarized proton beam at RCNP, Osaka University (November 

    24-25th, 2016).

  1. 7. We had the 6th research meeting (November 4-5th, 2016).

  2. 8. Atomu Watanabe had an oral presentation in the international spin

    conference (SPIN2016), University of Illinois Urbana Champaign,

    U.S.A.) . After the conference we visited Prof. Todd Averett (William

    and Mary College, Williamsburg, U.S.A.). We learned a lot on

    polarized 3He target there. Kimiko Sekiguchi had a seminar  on

    experimental study of three-nucleon forces.

  1. 9. Prof. Witala, Jagellonian University, stayed our laboratory for two

    months (July 6th - September 3rd, 2016). In this occasion we had an

    international workshop on Three-nucleon force and its related topics

    (August 4th, 2016).

  1. 10. The firs experiment on proton-neutron correlation in nucleus was

    performed at CYRIC, Tohoku University, July 2016. (Spokesperson :

    Kenjiro Miki)

  1. 11. All our group members visited Dr. Ino, KEK. We learned a lot about

    polarized 3He target.

  1. 12. Experiment with polarized 3He target was performed at CYRIC,

    Tohoku University, June 2016.

    (Spokesperson :  Yasunori Wada, Kimiko Sekiguchi)

  1. 13. Dr. Kenjiro Miki joined our group as an assistant professor,

    April, 2016.

  1. 14. Experiment with 190 MeV/nucleon pol. d beam was performed

    at RIKEN RIBF, May, 2015.

  1. 15. My visit of France in March is on  Web Site of  Toshiko Yuasa 

   Laboratory (April 23th, 2015) .

  1. 16. I was awarded to Silver Medal of Yuasa Toshiko Prize

    (Dec. 24th, 2014).

    As an extra prize I was invited to France, visiting

    the following institutes (March, 2015).  

  1. -Nuclear Physics Division of  CEA Saclay

  2. -Institute of Nuclear Physics, Orsay (IPN Orsay)

        (Mme Helene Langevin had a speech about Memories of

         Mme Toshiko Yuasa prior to my seminar. Seminar Poster )

  1. -GANIL

  2. -Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL)  

    I would like to thank all the people who took care of this prize

    and kind hospitality during my stay in France.

  1. 17. Paper of the experiment with polarized deuteron beam at RIBF has

    been published in Physical Review C.

    “Complete set of deuteron analyzing powers for dp elastic scattering

    at 250-294 MeV/nucleon and Three Nucleon Force” (June 24th, 2014). 

  1. 18. Prof. Ruprecht Macheidt, Univ. of Idaho,  gave us lectures

    entitled with “six lectures on nuclear forces” 

    at Tohoku University (2014.06.30-07.01). For details, click here.

  1. 19. Our group member, Yasunori Wada, received a distinguished

    student prize for his master thesis entitled with

    ‘Development of polarized 3He target for proton-3He

    scattering’ (Department of Physics, Tohoku University,

    February 21st, 2014).

  1. 20.In FY2013 we performed the following experiments,

  2.   pol.3He target test experiments at CYRIC

  3.   n+p measurements with neutron beam experiment

      at CYRIC / RCNP

      See photos [...].

  1. 21.12th Asia Pacific Physics Coference in Makuhari, Japan in July (contributed talk)

  2. 22.International workshop ”Nuclear Dynamics with Effective Field Theory ” was held in Bochum, Germany in July, 2013 (invited talk).

   This workshop is dedicated to the memory of

   late Prof. Walter Gloeckle.

  1. 23.I received the 15th Morita Young Female Scientist Prize

    (May 25th, 2013).

  1. 24.The 20th International symposium on Spin Physics (SPIN2012) will be held at Dubna, Russia in September, 2012. (Review talk)

  2. 25.The 11th International CNS summer school was held in August, 2012 (My lecture notes are here!).

  3. 26.The 20th IUPAP international conference on Few Body Problems in Physics was held at Fukuoka, JAPAN, in August, 2012 (plenary).

   Y. Wada, a group member, had a contributed talk in the conference.

  1. 27.U. Gebauer, a group member,  had a presentation on our research at an internal meeting of Tohoku University.

  2. 28.International mini-workshop “New Aspects of Few Nucleon Interactions” was held on July 21-22, 2012. (Organizer)

  3. 29.Experiment with 300 MeV/nucleon pol. d beam was performed at RIKEN RIBF, February, 2012.

  4. 30.Asian Pacific Few Body Conference in Physics (APFB2011) was held in Seoul, Korea (Augusut 22-26, 2011). (Plenary talk)

  5. 31.ECT* workshop “Three Nucleon Forces in Vacuum and in the Medium” was held in Trento, Italy (July 11-15, 2011). (Organizer)

  6. 32.Paper of the first experiment with polarized deuteron beam at RIBF has been accepted by Physical Review C.

  7. 33.Presentation of our lab. for undergraduate students of Physics Department (December 13, 2010)

  8. 34.My First Experiment at CYRIC (December 8-9, 2010).

  9. 35.I become a investigative commission member of Nihon Young Academy, a branch of  Science Council of Japan (November, 2010).

  10. 36.Talk on the new experiment at RIBF in FB19 (University of Bonn, Germany; September, 2009)

  11. 37.E320 Experiment at RCNP, June, 2009

  12. 38.Paper Accepted : Phys. Rev. C 79, 054008 (2009)

  13. 39.Interview on a monthly magazine “Nikkei KIDS+ in July”

  14. 40.First Experiment with polarized deuteron beams at RIKEN RIBF, April, 2009